Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Been To Long:(

 To sit and Blog!
It's been a crazy last couple of months. Sadly my love is going through some tough times. It reminds me of mine too. When a Dad dies it can truly be a strange and angry moment. I am sure it is very different for everyone. Some people I know don't know their dad's, others only knew of them, some were very close...it's really hard to say. In any way death is not easy to deal with. Then on the other hand of my life we are dealing with this new life! My little girl is now 4 months old and taking up all of my time.
She is way to smart for her age. The doctor looked at me and said, " Never in my whole life have I ever met a baby that was this aware!" She laughs, smiles, almost sits up, holds her head up straight, looks at you and all kinds of crazy stuff. (I could go on for days about her weird development)

So Sadly because of all this I have not gotten anything that I had planned done. So much for a handmade holiday. ha ha ha
But...Then again...

I have drawn out over 50 wood ornaments!
Bryan (my baby daddy and love of my life) has cut them out, drilled holes in them, and sanded them down.
They look way better than I could ever imagine. Now to finish painting them!

Plus I have almost finished a pair of shoes I am painting!

My dreams and wishes lately:
  1. Write more of my two children's book
  2. Come up with a new book idea
  3. Work on my new shoe order!!! JAZZ SHOES!