Lovely Words From YOU!

This is a page for the things I have been told by the people I love, people who shared their words, and the people who support my art!

 Some of you are friends, some of you are family, some are happy customers, and others are just people who I don't even know but you were kind enough to share your words.

Remember when Donna was trying to get you to do your own thing
and develop your own style? You've done that.
 It's been a privilege to watch you develop as an artist.
I hope to watch you for many more years.
It's like a journey I'm taking with you.
I've enjoyed your work every step of the way.

Erica- don't let you personal criticism keep you from trying.
it takes a lot to put yourself out there and sell personal art.
i like your would be so boring if it were just like everyone Else's.
 don't distinguish your shine Sweety

She LOVES THEM, wears them every day!  I love your art!   
Keep up the Great work.Thank You,Louie

Thank you to you all for keeping my head up when I feel down.
If you would like to have your words posted on this page just let me know!