Saturday, October 16, 2010

Your Trash Is My Treasure!

Finding Lost Shinny Objects Part 1:

So I have come to notice a small collection of what people call junk, trinkets, stuff, or odds and ends...
I know I know, what is all that crap right!
Well I was up thinking late at night against my own will, what is the story to all these treasures of mine?
Then I realized I knew one story right off the top of my head! The others not so much...there was something there though. So I will start with my 1st story and you may fallow me till the 3rd.
(the 1st is sad, but the others are not hang in there)

A memory as delicate as GLASS:
This chunk of glass I have, in several pieces...Is from a sad ending to a life of a man I once knew. My Daddy! Now, keep in mind most of this "junk" is found on walks or in random.
This one...was more of a keepsake for my mind to wrap around the idea he was gone.
Let me take you through the journey of my mind and prove this glass is more than that even. Imagine if it weren't me who picked it up.
What if it was you!
You heard about the horrible crash in the news paper and the gun that ended his life. You always think about that day when you see the tree his truck was hugging. Then one day you walk by and notice a glare, it hits you in the eye and you squint. What is it you then reach down to find a few pieces of glass. It's very thick and has weird designs on it. Then it hits you! It's the glass from the head lights of his truck! The last few bits of evidence he was there. (besides the candles at the base of the tree)
Then...Lets say your mind wanders that day as you walk around with this in your hand.
This is a held memory your unwilling to give up. Some how it is a physical reminder of this man's life. What is left? No soul...just pieces of him and what is left behind of the metal truck.
The tree is untouched.
No scratches, no dents, it stands there tall and alone like it always did before.
Could this be a reminder that nature must take it's course?
Then this reminds me of another who wasn't so lucky. An unstable young man jumps in his car out of pure fear, only to let nature run its course as well.
Flipping ones car right into a tree! Time hanging in this dense moment...will he make it out alive?
The young man lives!
The tree left with a huge scar.     Now...
Is this a reminder to the one who was unstable that nature's course is set out for you.
Is this a reminder to the tree? It is rooted! Grounded! It can't move, dodge, or evade what nature had in store for it that day.
This piece or these pieces of glass I hold onto "junk" is flat out a reminder to me of the scars left in my heart from one unstable man called my father who could not escape the course nature had for him.
Yes...He did pull the trigger but you have no right to tell me or him or anyone else if that was not his course.
"everything happens for a reason"
Maybe he did it so I wouldn't!

and....# 3 A Comforting Winter Light.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One Door Cloeses...And Another Opens!

So funny thing about doors, They are both a way to enter and exit. Do you really ever know what is behind door #1 or #2? When I think of doors I feel a so many emotions. Have you ever seen a door and just wondered..."Where does that door lead to?" or "This door makes me nervous!" or even "Who lives there you think?"
I know I have. Doors come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. They are there to cover up something. Keep people out or let them in. Some are old wood and carry a rustic feel or maybe the door you find is newly painted powder blue and leads to your grandmothers house.
They have numbers to tell you who they lead to. Some have big handles, some have small knobs, or even a strange bar you push on to open. Then there are doors made of glass that don't hide anything!
Would that be considered a cocky door?
What about a huge church door with stained glass adorning its middle. Does that door feel safe? Blessed to be the first thing you see in your way to being saved. Maybe it feels cursed to be the door you remember as the entrance to your fathers funeral.

Do you remember a door that changed your life?
one that once you touched it your life at that very moment changed forever?
Are doors the same as books? Can you judge it by it's color, size, or even where that door is?
If you were a door what would you look like?

I know this sounds crazy...But I honestly know what my door would look like.
Close your eyes...Picture my door...
okay, it is an awkward door in shape and size. Almost like someone didn't know how to measure to make it fit the door way. It is not really large or small...seems to be obscure in any idea of size. The door it self is made of solid wood. Old and splintered but smells familiar, like you have walked through this door many times. The paint gives it a rustic feel to the environment. Deep blood red, cracked and pealing in a beautiful way. It speaks volumes to its past. A hard one, one of a weathered atmosphere in a hidden alley way. At the top you see 2 rusty numbers. close to falling off to end up alone and unused on the floor. You can see the one brave nail that is still holding up the first number and the second number is boldly placed centered and yet seems to be trying to lean to one side as if it's being rude to you. The numbers you see here are 13.
The handle is some strange vintage looking hook and loop with a thin chain and lock. Lock is also rusty and is closed just enough appear shut. The entrance for this door is easy. Yet something catches your eye as you study this one truthful door, a small wrinkled note sits at your feet. Upon opening it a crow perches on a ledge slightly above this mysterious door. You then read the note...
two words in all caps:

yeah, that's my door.
what's yours?

Monday, October 11, 2010

So Much to Create!!! Sooo...Little Time!!!

So I must add an Operation to my List!!!

Operation: Little Hand Big  Brush (My Little Masters)

Just to let you in on my Little Masters, once I got prego I knew I was going to miss out on teaching the kids at my work. I worked at a place called Color Me Mine. This place was were I started to grow as an artist. It is a ceramic studio, A place where you pick out some pottery and then paint it. We would glaze it, fire, it and also just help people along with their ideas. We would go to schools and teach them how to paint, We did birthday parties, and sometimes we would get the chance to do summer programs. I just loved to show them how to do techniques, pick colors, and lots more. I felt like I was good at something for once!
So I didn't want to miss out on seeing the smiling faces and just feeling good about sharing art.
Sigh...What was I going to do?

One night I was doing the I can't sleep thing and came up with this idea. What if I started my own art lessons? Was I smart enough, brave enough, did I know what to do?

Well I decide Yes!
So I made up a card to give out. I felt like I could do it. So then this really pretty lady walks in with this cutie of a little girl with hair as long as Rapunzel. I looked at them and just said, "Hello, welcome to color me mine how can I help you today?" They wanted a Clay hand we did the hand print while I chatted them up about being prego and teaching art lessons. They told me they were home school...a light lit in both our eyes! They wanted to do the lessons...I was so excited!
And I will admit scared too!

In the long run it worked out and I was really proud of my self for trying to do something on my own. We did a lot of lessons and had some great times. So I made a website where I would give the kids homework and show off pictures of their projects. So since I had my little girl I couldn't go to the house to teach all the kids. :(
So I waited for a while and now I am going to start posting new lessons and pictures (I hope) I miss doing it and I miss THE KIDS MOST!

So maybe I am doing too much with all these things...But really making art your job is doing a ton of things all at once. I have to create, do my own networking, do my own advertising, find ways to sell, find ways keep on top of my projects...ahhh and the list goes on.

The lessons are harder than it looks though. I have to come up with an idea, research, find materials, try it out, make it look good, find a way to explain how to do it to the little masters, take pictures, then post and hope people like it. shhhhweeeeooo makes me tired just thinking about it.
Well sadly my grandma is going to have to leave and the baby needs to my day has been cut short and I will have to do all that above tonight and post it tonight instead of today!

Wish me luck!