Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Fresh Start to The Sweet and Sour Me

   I guess I am here to join the rest of the world in the fun of over explaining ones self. A blog is such an odd thing. We all have such a strong need to communicate and share.
This for me will be more of Memories and Adventures!

For I Holla am a very strange little thing...If I do say so my self.
I am an ARTIST!

Took me a long time to be brave enough to say that with out feeling like I might not be. It's hard to call your self an artist. Does this mean that you must sell your life's work? You must show it in galleries? Or does it just mean that you must create what is in your mind and find a way to show it in a physical form for all to see?

Well...I still don't know the answer to that. I will hope it's the last one. What is this all about? Well, I am on a new path in this life. I have had a lot of changes. I will say though that, I am not a writer so just go with me on this and excuse the weird way of my typing.

I am starting this to explore my own mind.
How do I work through my art? What am I inspired by? Can I even sell my creations? Who might feel my art is more than just another painting? I will be explaining my good sides and my bad.

That is where the term/title Sweet Issues came from for me.
When I was 17 and just starting out in college I was told I needed to make up a name for my designs...(I was in Fashion in L.A. at the time)
So I thought and brainstormed and came up with Sweet Issues. Why?
Well, In my life and through out I felt there was 2 sides to Holla.

The Sweet: A child with an amazing imagination and a nothing can stop her attitude. Someone who loved to pretend, make up stories and characters in her it out. Never worried about what others thought. Full of love and affection for everything and everyone. An explorer, one with passion to find pretty and new things. Innocent and very aware! Child like wonder.

The Issues: Call this the sour side, more of a silent storm creeping into a empty Field. That part of you that is sad, hurt, and angry at the world. So much for one person to go through. In the back of my mind I will always feel the darkness of the deaths that have fallen before me in my life. My daddy...The very 1st death I had to taste. Death by suicide...then along came 2 others the same. I felt my soul being smashed and re-built only to have it thrown down onto the cold floor again. Counting the pieces of my heart I realized some were missing... Could they ever be found again? Yes, in my art!

SOOooo...Before I bore you all to death, This is what I Holla am about in some ways. Keep reading to find out more. Photo's of paintings and other art I do will be posted along with the story and or what they mean to me.

Maybe someday I will be able to call my self an ARTIST that means something to more than just little old me.

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ImAProgressive said...

Your issues make you what you are. You have overcome so much to be in the good place that you are today.