Wednesday, July 20, 2011

way past due for a few words!

So I have a lot of great ideas... BUT they are all really detailed and perfect in my mind. I see them so clearly as if I had seen it before. The projects that seem so close to being for sure are always the farthest away to produce. It's like someone explaining how their new boyfriend looks. They tell you the hair color, eye color, how tall or short they are, what they sound like, their laugh, and just about more than you could even imagine. So, In your mind you have the perfect picture of this dude right? Then you meet him and when he comes around the corner...
He looks NOTHING like what you had pictured. Does that make you disappointed? Maybe it just makes you feel awkward or uneasy.
Well that is how I feel when I see this idea in my mind and then when I try to paint...
I step back after and what to I see?

so...I have been struggling with that lately. It feels like my mind and hand aren't on the same trip.
I feel like I might have worn my self out on shoes. I am excited and having fun doing them but at the same time...I am such a little flirt when it comes to art that I always want to try something new or go back to an old flame!

We shall see what I step into next.