Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Holla in the Raw

(sorry for the fuzzy phone photos)

A shoe
A pair of shoes
One for me...and one for the other me!
    Want to see inside my mind?

My fable starts with the oldest character on my shoe.

The tower of clarity.

This was the moment in my life when I realized somethings must be left behind and others still are to be found. A tall cracked and tagged tower with one bright eye looking out. A tiny wooden door that lay in the grass...What did I find here with this? I found peace...inner peace from the fears of death taking my friends and family. On this same side resides the blackest of crows and a rumbling volcano that leads to a land of many moons. The ground dry, stiff and scattered with stumps of trees that once were.
The moons are a symbol of my many moods, the phases at which I go from happy, to sad, alone, to overly social. The land underneath is a symbol for what was once my memories of my father. A place that is physically just a field of dead trees where I had a swing that he made for me as a child.

A little more darkness

I am sure some of you are sick of seeing my little purple friend "Death". You don't matter though do you...Why? Because these are my shoes...this is my story!
Death is a close love of mine, this character has a red cross hair for an eye, tears stream from the hopelessness that is to fight death. It comes, you can't stop it! He hates it. In front of him is his new pet. The NEW character Rex, a half Dino half dog mix.
He is very hard to understand. Rex is a mean trick playing ass most of the time. I am not even truly sure if there is a good side to this devil dog. All I know is his job is to keep Death in line! Death is not allowed to have a soft spot. Yet this one tends to have one...and since no one else has applied for the job they just chose to higher a helper pet to keep him from breaking down.
Poor Death!

Moving on from this we have a somewhat new character that I feel has big plans in my life!

Meet Prince Enuri Pea.

This is a brave side of me. I was very much a tom boy as a child. I loved to get dirty outside and explore around nature. There was that deep part of me that wanted to lash out and feel like a wild lion hunting pray. This emotionally torn pea is all about the fight of Love and War. My standing idea of our sweet and sour side to our selves.
Then we can jump to the other shoe for a moment. these are more fun and friendly characters that I have used to express my self. Like the odd ball of octopus. He is a freak some would say. Quadapus is a great guy though, Fun, cheerful, and talented. He has only 4 arms instead of the "normal" 8. Also going against him is his one single eye. He stands for all the un-"normal" people out there! (btw he loves red balloons!)
Then you have the mom and baby jellyfish like characters. I am still trying to figure out these ones...I know they are special and I know that they have a story I just have yet to tap into them. The sun is very New and never before drawn or seen. He is a multi personality kind of guy. I mean suns are always known for being cheerful, smiles, and all that jazz...but really sometimes he is quite a HOT head! He is just one with lots of sides to him.

More NEW NEW characters:

 Who are these little round ones!? Honestly just came up with them as I was painting.
So we have a new little green one there...
This is my Green Olive! He is a punk rocker to the very core of his pimento! With his face piercings and sweet disposition how could you not love him! A lot older and wiser this little olive is. I am sure he will have plenty to say. His little young side kick blueberry looking dude is a loud one. I am not sure if he is rocking freckles or a 5 o'clock shadow!
Then the slightly creepy pink girl in the corner. I am very nervous about this one...she has my signature self portrait 2 moles under her lip. So subconscious saying this is a me? She looks very intense and a little freaked out.

Random Ideas

What do you have here? A strange NEW red cat? A odd looking pink bird? A bear of balance?
Well being a Libra that I am my life is all about balance. This little fellow is holding on strong for me. Determined is what this panda is! Thank god someone is!
The red devil cat?...Unsure of this one still.
The pink bird? This shape came to me from a little girl at color me mine. I thought it was so cute. kids draw the best animals! So this pink bird represents the idea of never letting go of my child like art and imagination.


That is my fable, story, portfolio of my art, and my mind.

Hope you enjoyed it!
Better photos to come.
I honestly just now got done painting them!