Monday, September 3, 2012

On the Right Track!

Hey everyone,
So today I was just messing around on my computer checking out my stats on my Etsy...
And out of no where as my eyes followed the categories I see a big #1...
I do a double take and was...

1 sold

Now I have sold stuff on Etsy...Like tiles, a few custom shoes, and odds and ends.
But for some strange reason I just have been feeling down about not getting any of my new art work out. It makes you wonder if its not really that great, maybe your new style isn't as important as you thought, or that maybe paintings are too hard to sell on Etsy.

But all the doubt was washed away with one sold piece.
Why did this piece make me feel validation?
I just love this piece, It is one I will miss having hung in on my wall.
Its one that make me feel like I could make it as an artist with more than just shoes.

And! To top off the excitement, The person who bought it had such kind things to say.
He told me that he loves my stuff! (ahhh I have a fan!)
He said that he was eyeing another piece too! I know I know don't get to excited,
But its  hard because he was so nice and funny about it.
He mentioned that he had to have it, that it will be his, all in time! then he put: (insert evil laugh)

Thanks art supports for rocking it and making a silly artist and mom feel like all her hard work is paying off!

TAaa TAaa