Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ahh..To Create A Wedding That Says: "Holla and Bryan!"

I have come to find out that I like a lot of things. I am into so many styles and themes...

I started thinking about the idea of love from a child's point of view.
The Birds and The Bees

Now when I looked up the meaning it was all about Sex and Pregnancy. Which was far from what I was thinking.

I feel that the feeling and expression of love is natural, something beautiful and needed to exist. Birds have a home they build little by little in order to bring a tiny bird into their lives. Bees are hard workers, they work together with a large family in order to create something sweet and very important to the very existences of what they are.

The Bees

Love is something we must work hard for, sometimes we need help from others just like the bees. We all need our family members to help us along in this life. It doesn't matter if they are really related to you or if they are just friends you feel are your family. with out the support and love they give you and the love you learn to have for your self...we wouldn't know how to love another. In the end the bees end up with a community of other bees and they all know how important they are to each small job in order to create the sweet success of honey!
Even when it's taken away from them they just move on and start over to do it all again.

The Birds

 Love is also something we create little by little in order to become something strong and safe just like the birds nest. Birds choose strong branches, soft feathers, and safe places to begin this new part of their lives. We as people do the same. We take the strong things from our loved one and give back soft affection. I give a little and he gives a little. It starts off small and can feel like a lot of work...but when you step back and see the amazing thing you have built together, the home, the love, and the family...


that was more my understanding of the Birds and the Bees.

so the things I feel close to with this idea for OUR wedding is a

Romantic- I could use some romance
Vintage- Grew up with grandparents Plus who doesn't love old stuff!
Eclectic- Bryan loves things with great style all over the world...many odds and ends!
Artsy- we are both artsy
Natural- Bryan loves nature and so do I. We both grew up outside!
Birds and Bees- My feelings of childish Love
Oranges- A special place in my heart for my dad, Riverside, and the color!

Lets just hope it can all come together.
I hope that I can step back from this event and say "HA! I see the vision and feel the vibe!"