Thursday, March 24, 2011


Favola Bella Shoes 
This means Lovely Fable Shoes
 in Italian!

So The winner is
Anna Lynda!

It was not an easy choice you all gave some very great idea's!
some were:
Dream Walkers
Colorful Kicks
Sweet Feet
and many more...

All of you that placed a name will be getting a small gift from me!
(please give me some time for this)
Thanks so much for every ones help!
That was a lot of fun and we will have to do more soon!

Anna Lynda's shoes will be the first pair shown and written about in the new blog!
The name will be used on my new business cards, flyer's, and maybe even a Etsy store when time allows.
The new blog will be a great way to hear all the stories, fables, and fairy tales of each person who takes this adventure into a hand painted pair of shoes!

I hope the people who have already got pairs will allow me to present their stories, idea's, and my story on how they became the end result. Any shoes that are gifts will have to be posted after the gift has been given in order to not mess any moments up!
I can't wait to share my new love with all of you!


AnnaLynda said...

I am so honored that you selected my suggestion for the name of your Shoe Company. Your work is significant in that it gives us the opportunity to share our stories, our fairy tales through your beautiful art. I look forward to having mine told by your artful spirit.

molly cunneen said...

Well done!