Monday, May 9, 2011

The Harder They fall...

Mothers day is always weird for me...Due to some deep emotions. So this year was my 1st official mothers day for me! It was nice to share it with my family and to be a mom for it my self!

Sometimes I think back to being a kid. How much fun we had then. We didn't care what we looked like. Not like the kids do now. I would ride my bike, get dirty in the mud, play pretend, make tree houses, bake things with grandma, play video games on the 1st Nintendo!

A Strange Piece I Created That Reminds Me Of My Inner Child

Life felt so new and interesting. As you get older things are not so new and you forget what it must feel like to be able to move for the first time. Like sit and think about not being able to move. Having to sit on the floor or in your bed, only able to move if some lady you know is important picks you up. That would feel pretty weird. Now picture your self taking your first face plant into the carpet as you try your hardest to move across the floor with these weird things called legs! It must have been so exciting and frustrating all at the same time.

An Unfinished Piece. The Stork Reminds Me Of Mothers Day.
I guess where my rambling is going is that we should sit down and think about what our children are going through in order to understand their feelings and troubles. Not just that though... I think we would all be better off if we got excited about doing things. Even if it was just a small goal you accomplished. It takes baby steps to get from dragging your self on the ground to walking on two feet.

Give your self a pat on the back the next time you do good on a test, clean the house, help a friend, or even eat something healthy. If you feel good about your goal and use it as gas for your fire who knows what you might do!

I Was Trying To Paint My Destiny! Hoping For An Art Show.

I never thought I would be trying so hard to make my shoe stuff work out into something real! Something much more solid and stable. When this shoe stuff works out it could be my way to save up for Lily to go to school someday. My art is my talent...A lot of you who are my friends and family support me and say that to me. Thanks for that. But I have to be honest it is so hard to know what to to do it...and if your doing it right.

But I put my foot down and said I was going to make 4 sample shoes for the vendor show and I did it! Not only did I finish them, take photos of them, but I made a pair of heels for me too!

So I did it. I went from crawling to walking.


Tell me at least one thing you did last month that you could pat your self on the back matter how small! Leave a comment below. Share it!