Sunday, February 26, 2012

Finding My Dad Through Darkness

Hello folks, friends, and art lovers.

In our darkest moments in life things can get pretty cloudy and it can be hard to see what is really going on. I have dealt with suicide on many occasions in my life. It is something that is extremely hard to understand or find a way to be at peace. I miss seeing my dad's face, feeling his strong rough hands holding mine, his soft golden slightly curled hair, and most of all his laugh. The part that hurts the most is I can barely remember what he looks like or what his laugh sounds like. This hurts because the last thing you wanna do is forget things like that. He was my father...the man that taught me how to ride a motorcycle, shoot an old bottle with a 22, he built me a tree house, he climbed the biggest pepper tree on the land and made a tire swing just for me...I could go on forever but no use to you just yet.

I have decided it is time to face another dark point and bring it to the light. I want to see his face again. The dark composition on my mind is what is going to make it hard. The idea of drawing or painting out my father's face with a hand holding a gun. his memories and life being wiped away with that one pull of the trigger. I sometimes wonder if my face flashed in his mind. If he thought of his little girl. I forgive him...It took years but I did. I don't think of him as a weak person or someone who was crazy. Suicide is real people it does happen.

I am taking a beg. painting class at RCC also a figure painting class too.

hope this helps out my new and deep idea.

to be continued...

Here is some wonderful photos and information on my dad:)

volume 6 number 5 - may 1981Jeff Watson, master of vertical surfaces from Rancho Skate Park in California on the cover,
test of the Schwinn Sting Competition, interview with Anthony Sewell, Product analysis of the CW Trickery frame and fork, and Race coverage from the ABA Northwest national from Seattle, WA. Also this month has an Aerial trick how-to, and coverage on rollers. Pictorial and poster of Jeff Watson.
I know it's small but it is all i could find.

1980 Mongoose. Jeff Watson Tribute
everytime I saw Jeff ride he brought a boom box style radio and blasted Jimmy Hendrix so when I see those images I can hear his music blasting in the background.

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