Friday, March 2, 2012

Lucy's Wonderland

Hello, I am posting pictures of my "Lucy's Wonderland"
This painting is something I have been dreaming about making for 7 years.
Wood 48x48 with picture wire and 2 lights attached to the back.
There are holes I drilled in several sizes for the light to show through from the back to the front.
This painting lights up like a night light!
On the front I added some gems too!

The people are either collage from things I found or hand painted with a lovely sculpted face. I painted the faces after they were fired.

thank you to the RAWriverside 2012 show!

Thank you to their photographer too!

Video interview coming soon!

boat on a river and marshmallow pies

cellophane flowers and tangerine trees

glass onion

no where man

newspaper taxi's

rocking horse people

fool on the hill please!

Lucy her self

 these holes have light shine through 
so when its dim light or dark in your home it shows up like beautiful star lit night sky!

switch on lights for the back

 the edges are framed with this lovely detail...


Amazing...just like my dream. sigh...

Diamonds in the sky!

With the lights on you can still see the light from behind!

hope you enjoyed the close up of this wonderful one of a kind piece!

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