Thursday, September 13, 2012

Amelia Furman: Fellow Etsy Artist and Mother

I love Etsy and seeing all the wonderful ideas and people that are there.
I came across this wonderful shop called: Amelia Furman

There was something so great about her work, I am in love with the layering and the fact that she covers the whole piece with an epoxy resin was so cool to me. The look of glass. here is my favorite piece of hers:
Being a mom and having my name start with an H...I couldn't help it!

 I had messaged her to see if she would be kind enough to share some of her techniques...
 guess what!?
She was so sweet and gave me step by step on what I wanted to know.

Her first step is to make a collage

In the end she has a beautiful painting with wonderful hints of the collage showing under.
(To see the full process check out her site)

Sometimes on Etsy you run into people who rather not bother with you unless your going to buy.
I am so thankful to her for being open.
So I thought maybe it would be nice to share a little about her to all of you.
Please enjoy and visit her shop on Etsy!

Also here is her main web site page:

Amelia grew up in rural, central Pennsylvania amidst pastoral scenes of farms, fields, and forests. Nature has captured her attention for as long as she can remember. Visual arts were also a dominant force in Amelia’s life from an early age. After graduating with a degree in visual art from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2003, Amelia began to explore how she could use paint to express her love of the natural world.

Amelia’s background in printmaking and illustration has heavily influenced the direction of her work. Ms. Furman works in a combination of paper collage, text and thin layers of acrylic paint. Using a selection of documents, vintage images, handwritten text, and symbols associated with the painted image, Amelia reminds the viewer that places and objects have many layers of meaning, memory, and beauty.

Amelia displays her work throughout Pennsylvania in traditional and non-traditional venues and her works can be found in private collections nationwide. Ms. Furman resides outside of Philadelphia with her husband and son.

Thank you for your time.
Share the love and meet another wonderful artist and mother!

HollaWeen Fun


I know its not spelled that way but hey, My name is Holla! What do you expect!

I need to get this one all ready and find some great chain and hooks to turn it into a necklace.

Singing Pumpkin Slugs!

Great little Zombie/Frankenstein earrings

I am so excited that I will be listing some great HOLLADAY treats for you all in my Etsy store!

Please check it out!

I will be listing some fun hand cut and hand painted wooden ornaments as well!
These are fun and quirky...something unlike most.
I have some started soon!
Cut out, Now I shall shape them up, Paint them with Gesso, and then add the colorful detail!
I did ARTWALK in Riverside this month. I showed some new tiny paintings and some great new earrings. I also will be making small prints on canvas textured printer paper.
The little blue dude you see with red glasses is one of my ornaments all finished and wood glazed!

Some cool new necklace pendents I painted and sprayed with a protective glaze.