Favola Bella Shoes (hand painted shoes)

This project once called Cold Feet has blossomed into a new small business adventure for me. If you would like to learn how it started, where it's going, and how you can become apart of it just click here:

This is Operation: Cold Feet

I have learned to create my own hand painted shoes!
They have shown to be some what poplular, I love getting new orders for shoes...
When I get a new order I feel like I get the chance to meet someone new. We talk about colors, designs, likes and dislikes, and much more. You find out a lot about a person by looking at their shoes.

Oh the love of shoes!

                                              He says to me, "air planes and people please!"

If you would like to order a pair or just maybe talk to me about your ideas and see if its something you would like to order let me know. Leave your comments here or e-mail me at:

subject Cold Feet or Hand painted shoes

Underwater pets came to mind for this little girl!

Children love to show off their original shoes! 

Show your self through my creative styles...
You never know what we can come up with!

 Have your feet do the talking!
Feeling a little ZEN like?

Colors you love!
 Things you love!
 A pair you will love!
I love to get pictures from happy customers!
More Photos to come as I go!

Here is a WONDERFUL E-mail from a Happy Customer!!!

So there's a woman who had another hectic day, call her a slacker at 7am,
will ya? Wrong on so many levels.

She struggles through the day, deep breaths, it improves with cool new green

Comes home and there sits a bright orange box with bright lettering and hugs
and kisses all over it. The day is improving.

She puts on her pink slippers and takes the box to her Lazy Girl recliner,
sits down and slowly, very slowly opens the box. There are little sparkly
shapes in the box, she pulls them out one by one. A funny cat drawing and a
sweet note. The day is still improving. A neat wire necklace with a lovely
green stone, my color. More sparkles on the tissue paper, she unwraps the
paper slowly and her wonderful, playful, whimsical runners smile up at her.
They are perfect, so sunny and fun! Off go the pink slippers, on go the
runners; they make her toes point and flex, point and flex, her ankles spin
around to the right, spin back to the left. It's as her feet have a mind of
their own!

Thank you, sweet Holla, I love them! Your timing was impeccable

Can't wait to make more happy customers!


So I just got done finishing another pair of shoes...and honestly it was really hard for me to start these. I just was so worried I couldn't do it the way the lady saw them in her mind. That is always a worry though. I try so hard to get to know them as best as I can so that I can really give it my best!
The overwhelming idea of trying to do something as amazing as van gogh was intimidating to say the lest. His blossoms are just so moving. I did my best and at the end she was breath taken!

Now I am working on a pair with music notes and saxaphones! I felt like I needed to figure out the best way to do this pair. It had to make this something special and fancy. How do you make a saxaphone look intresting in an artistic way?...
I started this pair and now we shall see how it goes.
So far I am in love with them! Great color choices too!

I can't wait to show you how they turn out!

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Erik said...

What a wonderful execution of the painted shoe concept.