Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project: Sexy City


I am a proud mother of a completed piece of art!
It was a long process and I was scared maybe it didn't have a story...then at times I thought, "will there be a complete thought here?"

In the end...I must say...
This is one of my best pieces yet.
As I took a few scared steps back and gazed upon this new creation,
I knew it had a mind of it's own. A true heart beat that was pumping out history.
Who's history? What was the story?
Well 1st off here is a look at the finished work.
This item is for sale!
(in these photo's my love had not added the sides yet and it still needs the sides painted)

1st picture is far left, 2nd picture is middle, 3rd painting is the far right.
it's all one huge piece but when i took a picture from far enough to see the whole thing you couldn't tell what it looked like. I have some close up shots too!

This was one of the paintings that I just kinda felt it through not knowing what was going to happen or what the meaning of it was.
As I stood back I could see almost 8 years of my past.
Talk about crazy! My life is so not what it was. I can't even believe where I went and who I was. Life is so intense for some and others is really relaxed. I am sure you can guess what I went through. Wouldn't change it for the world though. I am me because of all the crazy nights and fantastic and not so great people I knew.
In all I think Project: Sexy City is finished and I am proud.

But the title still is a hard one to say...
I will figure it out some how.
Think Think Think

Close up anyone?

Either way let me know what you think?!

Once the sides are painted and we can hang it I will take a picture of it on the wall!