Sunday, June 19, 2011

Multi Me

School Final self portrait "Dreads & Sorrow"
How many lives have you lived?
I think about it all the time.

I think about the high school out cast in Arkansas. What about the fashion design collage panic attack 17 year old. Then there was the girl who ran away to San Francisco to study sculpture and party. The newly fresh interesting yet broken young women in riverside who was in love with people and could control her drinking. Trying to escape this I became the hippy in Oregon who found her artistic talent in painting while decorating cakes and did to many drugs. Then moving back to California I tried the living with friends while I ignored my family in order to party. How I lived to be the bad news women with messed up idea's of love who got a dui is lucky. Shortly after I became a women of love for my family, more art poured out from me. Now a full grow still a little lost women with a child of my own and a man soon I will marry.

"Multi Me" this painting is 4 sides of me (better picture coming soon)

Wow! That's just the really short version. I broke so many hearts, rules, and standards. I will keep the bad and good memories with me forever. Sometimes it hurts. I miss Having time to paint my true feelings and thoughts. Even though the darker side to my art isn't what some enjoy it is the reality of my soul. I feel these darker images have more to tell then some of my happy more sweet ideas.
The City side of my journey.
Who am I?
Well...after all these places, people, and experiences...
I am all of them.
I am an artistic hippy mother who loves to party and feels deep pain along with extreme joy. I am someone who was addicted to drugs and trying to find love...even leaving the many true loves I ran into.

Into the dark streets and bars of Downtown Riverside
Life comes ...
Life ends ...
Just learn from it and accept who you are now.
It's hard to forget, forgive, and move on sometimes...
But Life isn't as long as we think, it moves quick.

Enjoy it while it lasts.