Monday, April 25, 2011

Deep Breath!

So this morning has been one of the days you cry with the baby!
She is so upset.
All last night she would wake up every few min and just cry so hard and so sadly!
It was like someone was going in there and pinching her.

So I had to move her to our bed to try and get some sleep my self. Still even in our bed she kept waking up. I couldn't figure it out.
not the point so I will move on.

Point: hard sleepless night and tough morning.

Later on after hours and hours of crying again for breakfast I get her to sleep.
So with tears drying up for the both of us and me feeling like I want to jump off a tiny hill I choose to try and list some items for my Etsy shop.

Knowing I don't ever have time to list during the weekend (which is really way better for getting eyes to see them) I sit down and start.
I try my loved photoshop print of the San Francisco Houses!

So deep breath worried she could wake at any moment I hurry to start and try to fix it.
Maybe the image is to big? Do I need to crop it? What is wrong?
I stumble through my clicks and keys to try and figure it out.

I try again...STILL WON'T LOAD!
okay so I choose to hurry up again still on pins and needles (is she going to wake up!)
I try another listing with a totally new photo to load.

So I turn to you all...My friends and family and maybe a few fans,
Venting was much needed and facebook just wouldn't do it for me this time.
Thanks for hearing me out.

Either way plenty of fun new prints are coming soon to my Etsy shop just for all of you!
They are printed on a high quality and amazingly fun paper that has canvas texture to it. So even though it's a print from a canvas it will still look and feel like canvas!

Wish Me Luck!