Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sewing Roots

I have done many things in my life...All kinds of art and wonderful crafting.
But the honest truth is that I LOVE SEWING!

Can't help it. Being able to touch and feel the creations. Finding old clothes you love and turning them into something new...a doll, a pillow, a bag, or even a new shirt!
So I have returned to my roots of sewing!

Okay it is pretty much like the old saying about getting on a bike...but at the same time,
I don't remember so much of how to do stuff. so I am kinda just going with the flow on this.

Here is my first doll ...so far:

So I think it turned out pretty cute...so far.
I made a few mistakes...I ended up sewing part of her white skirt inside...so i had to pull it out and it ripped a little.
I also stuffed it to tight and ripped a small hole in the arm. I should have known better than that.

ITS BEEN ALMOST 6 YEARS since I have sewn!

So learn from your mistakes...it will be a month before I am even going to try selling any.
only exceptions is close friends and family...becuase they will get something good and at the same time I can practice!

So now I have to decied how to do the hair and face.
I have no idea what to do for the hair...but i really want to use my painting skills on the face.

we shall see!

Dreams of recovering from a death notice

I started this painting in the hopes that maybe just maybe I have special painting powers that could save the life of a good friend that means a lot to me.

Why would I think this is possible?

Some say that painting is another way to pray. One day I painted some deep stuff about my self...then it happened right after I painted it...needless to say I still have not finished that painting. It really kind of freaked me out.

Later I had a friend who sadly lost her baby during pregnancy and was very very depressed. They started talking about trying again. the doctor said it would be hard for her to get pregnant again. So I made a Huge painting of some symbols and feelings so she could put it in her house and that it could bring her a new child...week later, She was pregnant again and that child was born healthy and happy!
This is a painting almost no one has seen I think!

So my good friend has brain cancer and it is getting worse. They gave her a month left...I decide one night when I couldn't sleep that I would just start painting a huge painting in hopes that I could reverse this! Take away her pain, create new healthy growth, and save her life.

A Beauty is reborn!

Sigh...Immature maybe, silly, naive, or even rude?!

Well since I started painting I have been posting confessions about my self on facebook with each photo. (I need to make an art facebook)
Shortly after I started this painting...her tumor had shrunk dramatically...
(I can't get excited...but it was cool)

So what's next?

I first painted that the wise owl would remove the pain and take away the tumor.
I am now working on the new growth and happy atmosphere that I hope for her.

Who knows what could happen...
All I know is that in life mericals do happen
 and why would I NOT try?