Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Looking Into My Past

Note to all artists, life is one huge challenge.

 I know you all know that! Some more than other's, really though...I have been doing my art at ever tiny chance I get. Today I opened "the box"! It's full of all my old painting! Some from 2006!

 I look at them and see all the troubles I have ever been through. Some were really tough and very messed up to say it nicely.

I know it's time to do something with them. But what!! Do I sell them? Try to find a gallery to show them? Some are not even that good. Some you see am idea that got derailed.

 Some of my unfinished works...

Wouldn't it be funny to have an art show of all of Your almost done, almost good, works?!? It would be hard to bare that much soul! "Unfinished" I would like to claim that! Thanks! Someone might have already done it. Either way...I think I will list them and see what happens.

Wish me luck!

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