Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Chain Thinker

Hello 2012!
Welcome to my exciting new art of the year!
My 1st painting of the year and I am really in love with it.
 The funnest part is that the drawing it self... was a silhouette of myself smoking a cig on my balcony at my grandma's house. This drawing has been sitting around for years in a scary outline in charcoal. somehow the drawing didn't get rubbed off! So this is what happened:
That feeling of warmth that you get from your inhaling poison. relaxing to be slowly killing your self.

I quit smoking right before our first child. Sometimes I miss it. But its better this way.

the matte black background gives that feeling you get of void matters.

The people who smoke or know smokers understand that moment where you chain smoke and think for hours about Something...Anything...and Everything!

Holla Watson Perkins 2012 Copyright

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