Thursday, June 21, 2012

Art Snob!


I am starting a small facebook group called Art Attack.
join us if you like to take on this adventure!

I have been sitting here thinking about all the people I know that do really great things.
Some shot photos, some bake and decorate cakes, some make websites and logos, there are painters and people that can sew some amazing things!

I want there to be a way to show off our websites, stores, craft shows, art shows, logos, blogs, and whatever you/they want!

Its hard to make it in the world of art no mater what type it is or how popular.
I think that with a wild group of people together we can reach new places and learn new trades. Someday when the world is whatever it ends up being how many of you will know how to sew? cook? or paint?

These great things are becoming dead and old fashion, at the same time the old fashion things are coming back stronger than ever...but because of its trendy ways it costs a lot of money to learn these things.

So lets get together and trade for lessons or just be kind a share what we know.
have a question about something art googled and looked and can't find it! Well I bet you one of the people in the group might know...and if they don't I bet they will be willing to learn with you.

Experiment with these people!
Take these people and find new inspiration. Some of you live far and others are right next to each other and don't even know it.

Become Friends in real life!
This is from an amazing art class I had...It started my idea for this group page!
Thanks guys!

I hope that this group can help us make some art shows happen, find some new type of art we like, or help us with sales and finding new customers! lets all reach out and just help another artist!

Thanks everyone
Holla Watson Perkins

Artist of Life!

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