Friday, October 22, 2010

A Comforting Winter Light

The 3rd and final story about Your Trash is My Treasure!

A Comforting Winter Light:

Have you ever been rummaging through your grandmothers closets? Maybe an old yard sale full of crazy stuff? Maybe your even as weird as me and walked by someones trash can on trash day and saw that one thing calling your name.
Either way what happens to you when you find that old dusty box full of something from the past?
When I was looking through grandma's old Christmas boxes I found a small torn little dusty box. On this box was some chicken scratch I honestly still can't read to this day. As I looked at it wondering what could be hidden in this box I decide to give it a shake. You know like kids do when they are curious about their Christmas gifts. I heard a strange clink clink. I was even more excited then...It's not just paper...It's not empty either!
So I finally slowly opened up the tiny box and what do I see?
A small group of old Christmas light bulbs.
Green, white, red, and a few other odd colors. How much joy I felt upon seeing these small reminders of my past Christmas nights at my grandma's house. I couldn't bare to see them get thrown away. The little metal ends that spiral down to the tip, the paint pealing off the glass to show under nothing but a clear bulb, some were broken and tiny pieces that resembled glitter were hiding in the corners of the box. I picked up the first one that I felt intrigued by...It was a see through orange that looked like an old beer bottle when the sun shone through it. I loved the color! It just spoke to me. So quickly I snapped the box shut and threw it in my bag as if I just found a bar of gold. As I giggled to my self with an evil grin, "I will figure out something to do with these...maybe use them in some art or something." I trying to find a justified reason to feel so excited about this "trash/junk".

I would love to hear what things you have found in your life time that were considered "junk", what did you do with it?

These bulbs have not been used yet. I did wrap one in some copper colored wire for a pendent like piece...
It's not strong enough though!
I need something intense.
I guess what these last 3 posts have been about is that I am so in love with mixed media art. It's strange and really deep. Sometimes you see it and you think to your self, "what the hell is that?" Some are dark and scary...You know the ones with doll heads and glass eyes. I just love the idea of taking trash and doing something with it.

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