Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Art Of Junk

Welcome to the 2nd Part of our stories about Your Trash Being My Treasures!
(if you have not read #1 A Memory As Delicate As Glass...go back and read it first)

Sticky Cents
Penny for your thoughts?
Let us talk about a sticky situation using common cents.
One night I had happened to come across a mystery. This was a moment in my life that was to be laughed at then later high on a lack of sleep reflected on.
It's about one small joke that turned into a silly collection of thoughts.
okay, shall I start...
Sitting at this strange table hidden in the back of a odd room just built to add to the entertainment of a bar.
 I ran into a penny.
I didn't notice him at first. I was listening to someone play the not so happy piano. The keys were sticky or broken (can't remember) I saw a small shine coming off the corner of the table. Then I realized I knew that profile! Ahhh, good old Lincoln himself. A penny was sitting there alone but strong on the edge of the table. I reached over to pick it up feeling bad he was left behind. You see no one really cares for pennies as money to much. They are a one cent wonder. people love to use them for things. To scratch your hopefully winning ticket, to throw into a fountain for a wish, "see a penny pick it up, all the day you will have good luck", and even for smashing into a machine at random theme parks to change it's look into something for you to remember...when really you just loose it.
So I always felt kinda bad for the one cent penny. It's even a different color than the rest of the group.
So back to the story,
I reached over to pluck it off the table...and...well I guess I missed because it wasn't in my hand. So I tried again...and still it avoided my grasp. At this point I was thinking maybe I had one to many drinks for the night. So discouraged and feeling stood up by a penny I just stayed put and drifted into my night. Still with one watchful eye on that damn elusive penny. At that moment a friend walked up and tired to grab it as well. Only he too didn't collect this penny! I then realized IT WAS GLUED TO THE TABLE!
Relief and anger hit me all at once...then we both started to laugh.
I had been fooled by this sticky cent. It was a great joke...who put it there?
So almost a year or so later being up late with my daughter (that's still so new to say)
I started to ponder about my "junk" and thought about that penny.

Is that penny worth more or mean more than it's original one cent value because it has been turned into an on going joke? For it to be Stuck! Gave it more meaning.
what will happen to that penny?
Will it get to go into retirement from it's nightly laugh it up job one day? I mean that table won't always be there in that dark room in that strange bar. If the table gets removed, where would the penny end up?
This joke taught me something through all these questions, laughs, anger, and just the fact that a year later I am writing a piece in my blog about it.
Anyway, I feel from this one penny Stuck in this spot that it has taught me this:
If you are stuck in a situation, even if you are considered a lowly one cent that is different from everyone else. You can make the most of where your stuck just by doing your best. That one penny I will always remember and it shows that he did his best to trick me, make me laugh, and think about my life and how for so long I always felt Stuck...I guess if you just try your best it's not so bad after all.
Plus I doubt he will be there forever...someone will eventually get mad enough or tired of it being glued to that table and pry it off and place it in their pocket. Who knows what travels will be in store then.
Lucky Penny!

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