Monday, October 11, 2010

So Much to Create!!! Sooo...Little Time!!!

So I must add an Operation to my List!!!

Operation: Little Hand Big  Brush (My Little Masters)

Just to let you in on my Little Masters, once I got prego I knew I was going to miss out on teaching the kids at my work. I worked at a place called Color Me Mine. This place was were I started to grow as an artist. It is a ceramic studio, A place where you pick out some pottery and then paint it. We would glaze it, fire, it and also just help people along with their ideas. We would go to schools and teach them how to paint, We did birthday parties, and sometimes we would get the chance to do summer programs. I just loved to show them how to do techniques, pick colors, and lots more. I felt like I was good at something for once!
So I didn't want to miss out on seeing the smiling faces and just feeling good about sharing art.
Sigh...What was I going to do?

One night I was doing the I can't sleep thing and came up with this idea. What if I started my own art lessons? Was I smart enough, brave enough, did I know what to do?

Well I decide Yes!
So I made up a card to give out. I felt like I could do it. So then this really pretty lady walks in with this cutie of a little girl with hair as long as Rapunzel. I looked at them and just said, "Hello, welcome to color me mine how can I help you today?" They wanted a Clay hand we did the hand print while I chatted them up about being prego and teaching art lessons. They told me they were home school...a light lit in both our eyes! They wanted to do the lessons...I was so excited!
And I will admit scared too!

In the long run it worked out and I was really proud of my self for trying to do something on my own. We did a lot of lessons and had some great times. So I made a website where I would give the kids homework and show off pictures of their projects. So since I had my little girl I couldn't go to the house to teach all the kids. :(
So I waited for a while and now I am going to start posting new lessons and pictures (I hope) I miss doing it and I miss THE KIDS MOST!

So maybe I am doing too much with all these things...But really making art your job is doing a ton of things all at once. I have to create, do my own networking, do my own advertising, find ways to sell, find ways keep on top of my projects...ahhh and the list goes on.

The lessons are harder than it looks though. I have to come up with an idea, research, find materials, try it out, make it look good, find a way to explain how to do it to the little masters, take pictures, then post and hope people like it. shhhhweeeeooo makes me tired just thinking about it.
Well sadly my grandma is going to have to leave and the baby needs to my day has been cut short and I will have to do all that above tonight and post it tonight instead of today!

Wish me luck!

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