Saturday, October 16, 2010

Your Trash Is My Treasure!

Finding Lost Shinny Objects Part 1:

So I have come to notice a small collection of what people call junk, trinkets, stuff, or odds and ends...
I know I know, what is all that crap right!
Well I was up thinking late at night against my own will, what is the story to all these treasures of mine?
Then I realized I knew one story right off the top of my head! The others not so much...there was something there though. So I will start with my 1st story and you may fallow me till the 3rd.
(the 1st is sad, but the others are not hang in there)

A memory as delicate as GLASS:
This chunk of glass I have, in several pieces...Is from a sad ending to a life of a man I once knew. My Daddy! Now, keep in mind most of this "junk" is found on walks or in random.
This one...was more of a keepsake for my mind to wrap around the idea he was gone.
Let me take you through the journey of my mind and prove this glass is more than that even. Imagine if it weren't me who picked it up.
What if it was you!
You heard about the horrible crash in the news paper and the gun that ended his life. You always think about that day when you see the tree his truck was hugging. Then one day you walk by and notice a glare, it hits you in the eye and you squint. What is it you then reach down to find a few pieces of glass. It's very thick and has weird designs on it. Then it hits you! It's the glass from the head lights of his truck! The last few bits of evidence he was there. (besides the candles at the base of the tree)
Then...Lets say your mind wanders that day as you walk around with this in your hand.
This is a held memory your unwilling to give up. Some how it is a physical reminder of this man's life. What is left? No soul...just pieces of him and what is left behind of the metal truck.
The tree is untouched.
No scratches, no dents, it stands there tall and alone like it always did before.
Could this be a reminder that nature must take it's course?
Then this reminds me of another who wasn't so lucky. An unstable young man jumps in his car out of pure fear, only to let nature run its course as well.
Flipping ones car right into a tree! Time hanging in this dense moment...will he make it out alive?
The young man lives!
The tree left with a huge scar.     Now...
Is this a reminder to the one who was unstable that nature's course is set out for you.
Is this a reminder to the tree? It is rooted! Grounded! It can't move, dodge, or evade what nature had in store for it that day.
This piece or these pieces of glass I hold onto "junk" is flat out a reminder to me of the scars left in my heart from one unstable man called my father who could not escape the course nature had for him.
Yes...He did pull the trigger but you have no right to tell me or him or anyone else if that was not his course.
"everything happens for a reason"
Maybe he did it so I wouldn't!

and....# 3 A Comforting Winter Light.

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