Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Books! Wonderful Art Books!!!

Sometimes I want to post pictures from books that I am reading at the library...Show you the wonderful things I am looking at for inspiration.
But pictures can get you into a lot of trouble if you don't have permission and I didn't know that!
(I did post pictures but they are of my own regards to the topics)

All the rules and things you have to be careful of posting can become quite a bother at times
So I guess I will just tell you.

There is a very big and amazing book I found:
Contemporary Expressions of Animal Form
A Lark Ceramics Book

I have to say that this book is really quite interesting.
Great pictures, Lovely descriptions, and it really gives you a look at the many different things you can do with clay!
I love clay it has been a love of mine for a long time...

One of My Clay Animals

 Either way building something with your own hands shows expression in ways a paint brush can't.
Textures are important. Think about a sculpture that has sharp jagged edges or maybe it's smooth as glass.
The glazes they use...matte, high gloss, and even metallic!

But this book!!!
It is a coffee table book for my house...I will be buying this book some how!

Author: Lynda Barry
The cover of this book was enough for me to fall in love!

Picture a collage look.

I Sold This Collage!

 That yellow tablet paper with blue lines...on top of this paper is amazing images!
Marker, ink, paint, cut out paper,embellishments, and hand writing in both ALL CAPS and Curly hand writing too! Colors of all kinds...your eyes don't even know where to look as you see all the details the amazing reality hits...its like a journal with images!!!
I didn't know what it was about...(kinda still don't) It seems to be about what is an image. Very fun and creative!

Reading it makes me feel like someone gets me though. strange odd stories, questions, and maybe answers. either way I FEEL THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!
The women who is a Painter, cartoonist, writer, illustrator, playwright, editor, and teacher...reminds me of me and yet my good friend Post!

Someday maybe I will have book?!?!

This was A Painting I Did for a Book I Started to Write.
"Catfish Pearl"
One day most people stopped drawing...

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