Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Phone Photo Shoot

So with all the crazy apps you can get on your phone for free these days...who needs a nice camera!
I can't help my self with these fun pictures I took of Lily's/My old stuffed animals.
There is something amazing about the textures and the look in there silent eyes. Will this grow into a project for me?

This is just some of the photo's I took on my phone!
The big panda with the blue background is my childhood love!
I just adore the textures that came out on this. It is a Polandroid app.
This one is my favorite though:
                                                                  It just looks so neat!


This is really just Lily's trashcan! It's a tiger lid.
This is of my painting with the colors changed.

I loved this too!
This is Lily's backpack:

And...Well this is what I did to it with this other app!
Action comic book lines I guess is what they were going for.
Either way I really like it.

Anyways just wanted to share my silly photo's with you.
Try some strange shots with your phone! Get really close, try different lighting, and just have fun!
Who knows what you could come up with!

Copyright -All these photo's are mine and I have the right to them please don't steal

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